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Prosthesis (breast forms)

There are many styles to choose from. If you have had any type of breast surgery, we have something for you!

Care Instructions

Silicone Breast Forms

The primary benefit of breast forms are that they restore balance to the body by replacing the weight loss in the breast area following a mastectomy. The breast form helps reduce spine curving and shoulder problems caused by weight asymmetry after a mastectomy. These breast forms help a woman look and feel feminine, attractive, confident, and comfortable.

Wear your silicone form as much as possible—doctor's appointment, shopping, church etc.

Gently handle the breast form while inserting it in the cover that comes with it.

Insert the covered breast form delicately inside the bra pocket.

It is important to handle the breast form gently when inserting or removing it from the cover or pocket of the bra, as repeated pulling or squeezing of the form may cause damage to it over time.

When not wearing the breast form, it is recommended to store the breast form in the box that it came in and keep it away from heat. This will help maintain the shape of the form and prevent accidental harm.

Tri-Featherweight Forms

Wear this around the house at you leisure, or when it is extremely hot outside.

Hand wash in mild detergent.

Please Air Dry—Do not put in the dryer