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Synthetic wigs cannot be recurled with a curling iron, permed, or colored. The synthetic wig will retain its curl or wave pattern after it is shampooed and can be re-cut to suit each person’s face structure.

Human hair wigs can be colored, permed, or highlighted. A human hair wig is a bit heavier, more costly, and a little more maintenance may be required to meet your specifications. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic and have a higher maintenance value. In other words, you have to wash, style, and curl just like your own hair. If you are a Chemo patient, you may want to look for a synthetic wig as it requires less maintenance. For the cost of one human hair wig, you can purchase 2 quality synthetics, and this allows you to change your style or have a backup while your other wig is being washed and dried.

100% Hand Tied Wigs are made without the caps of wefts where brushes can normally get caught in between the wefts. Every strand of hair is hand tied into a mesh fabric giving you a totally soft cap. It gives you a very unique feel of comfort and of being lightweight while stretching to fit any particular head size.

Exceptionally friendly to those who have allergies and sensitivities to their scalps.

Flexibility of the part--it will usually part on either side. The flesh color you see along the hair line, ears, and the nape has a skin like appearance and also prevents slipping and chaffing.

Monofilament Wig Caps are made of an "invisible" mesh net which makes the hair appear as though it iss growing from your scalp. Hair is hand tied into a thin and sturdy mesh from the crown, back, hairline or nape. These are the 100% Hand Tied Wigs which are better quality and finer craftsmanship than machine sewn wigs and therefore, are more expensive.

Wig Sizes

We have a variety of sizes from petite to large. However, you will need to be fitted and measured for an accurate fit.

Accente' - Sophisticated wigs for today’s fashionable women.

We know you take pride in who you are. Now that you have made the decision to trust us at Accente', we know you deserve the very best. Whether or not you simply want one, we know we will be show casing the finest styles, densities, and colors available for that personalized look.

It is best that chemo patients don’t wait until the last minute to look for a wig. As soon as your doctor tells you of the possibility of losing your hair, that is when to start looking for a wig, while you have the time and feel well enough. That will prevent you from panic buying and maybe not getting what you really want. By coming into the store before losing your hair it gives us the opportunity to see the style, density, and color of your real hair. All our styles are updated and innovative. We work closely with each customer and if necessary, we will custom order your color and style to match your real hair. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in knowing you have made a well thought out choice.

Come see us at Accente’ when things are calm and you feel at your best. Think about bringing a friend or family member along. At Accente’ we will become sisters in this journey and make it fun, or who knows, we may even shed a few tears together. You will always have a listening ear at Accente’.

Jeannie Beal is a licensed cosmetologist and will customize your particular style to fit you perfectly. Please come by---we are eager to help you. At Accente’ we want you to understand how to care and style your wig. We will teach you how to put it on properly and care for your wig. Plus, we are always here for you and can’t wait to meet you.

At Accente', we want you to understand how to care and style your wig. We are always here for you.